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5 Pack (Premium) Olive DIY Charcuterie Boards 4/4" Thick

All of our live edge Olive boards are kiln dried, and surfaced (sanded) on both sides.  Our board...

All of our live edge Olive boards are kiln dried, and surfaced (sanded) on both sides.  Our boards are easy to work with! 

You will receive 5 boards and each board will be between 6"-12" wide.

Choose the length you would like.  18", 24", 36" or 48"

4/4" thick. 

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Olive wood is often praised by woodworkers for its unique grain pattern and attractive color. It ranges in color from pale yellow to dark brown, and its grain is often wavy or irregular, which can create a beautiful visual effect. Olive wood is also known for being relatively dense and hard, which makes it suitable for a variety of woodworking applications. Olive wood holds detail well and can be polished to a high finish.

Olive wood is also prized for its natural resistance to decay and pests, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor applications. It is often used for making bowls, cutting boards, and other kitchen utensils, as well as for furniture, crafts, and decorative items.

Overall, olive wood is a popular choice for woodworking due to its attractive appearance, durability, and natural resistance to decay.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kevin Buchanan
Olive wood

They looked great, though they could of been planned several more passes for the premium wood. In the end, they will turn out better than what I started with. I will continue to purchase my wood from stonnycreek

Anthony Rotundo
Premium Olive 4/4 thick

This Olive wood never disappoints. Makes great Charcuterie boards. I would recommend if you never tried it you owe it to your self to do so. I highly recommend Stoney Creek Wood Supply for all your wood needs.

David Lamb

Ive never worked with olive wood before. Must say I am surprised! Easy to work and the wood shows beautiful textures....and as usual...amazing quality!

Paul Sutherland
Olive wood

Was unsure to order but it was ok 👍 some pieces were great some had to do some figuring out because of cracks and defects but all in all great grain and couple have sold.

Bernie Bouchard
Olive wood

The materials were excellent as always
Look forward to my next shipment

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