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K2 Black Limba Dimensional Skip Dressed

Black Limba Exact Pack - Actual boards you will receive. Boards are approx. 48" x approx. 10.5", ...

Black Limba Exact Pack - Actual boards you will receive.

Boards are approx. 48" x approx. 10.5", 7/8" Thick

Black Limba wood, also known as Korina, comes from the Terminalia superba tree, which is native to tropical western Africa. It is highly valued in woodworking and for the production of musical instruments, especially electric guitars. Here are some key features and uses of Black Limba wood:

Key Features:

  1. Appearance:

    • Color: Black Limba has a natural color range from light brown to a dark brown or black streaked pattern. This striking contrast between the lighter base and darker streaks gives it a unique and appealing aesthetic.
    • Grain: The grain is typically straight to slightly interlocked, and the texture is medium to coarse. This combination can result in a visually attractive surface when finished properly.
  2. Physical Properties:

    • Density: Black Limba is a moderately lightweight wood, making it easier to work with compared to denser hardwoods.
    • Workability: It is relatively easy to work with, whether by hand or with machines. It sands, glues, and finishes well, though it may have a tendency to blunt cutting edges.
    • Durability: It has moderate durability and is relatively resistant to decay and insect attack, making it suitable for both indoor and certain outdoor applications.
  3. Acoustic Properties:

    • Tone: In musical instruments, particularly guitars, Black Limba is praised for its balanced tonal qualities. It offers a warm, resonant sound with good sustain, making it a popular choice among luthiers.

Common Uses:

  1. Musical Instruments:

    • Guitars: Black Limba is especially famous in the guitar world, used for both solid bodies and acoustic backs and sides. The Gibson Explorer and Flying V, for example, have famously used Korina wood.
  2. Furniture:

    • Due to its attractive appearance and ease of workability, it is used in high-end furniture making.
  3. Cabinetry and Decorative Veneers:

    • Its unique visual appeal makes it suitable for decorative veneers and cabinetry work.
  4. Interior Woodwork:

    • Including paneling, trim, and architectural millwork, Black Limba adds a touch of elegance and distinctiveness.

Overall, Black Limba is cherished not only for its functional qualities but also for its distinctive look and excellent tonal properties, making it a favorite among woodworkers and musicians alike.

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