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5 Pack (Premium) Ambrosia Maple DIY Charcuterie Boards

The Ambrosia Maple boards are kiln dried, and surfaced (sanded) on both sides.  Our boards are ea...

The Ambrosia Maple boards are kiln dried, and surfaced (sanded) on both sides.  Our boards are easy to work with!   

You will receive 5 24" boards and each board will be between 6"-12" wide. 

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All boards are 5/4" Planned to 1"

Ambrosia maple is a type of maple wood that is prized for its unique and visually appealing appearance. The wood gets its name from the Ambrosia beetles that create distinctive streaks and patterns on the wood as they burrow through it. These patterns, which are known as "ambrosia marks," give ambrosia maple a one-of-a-kind look that is not found in any other type of wood.

In addition to the ambrosia marks, ambrosia maple is also characterized by its natural grain patterns, which can vary from tree to tree. The combination of the ambrosia marks and the natural grain patterns gives ambrosia maple a beautiful and visually striking appearance that is highly prized by woodworkers and other craftsmen.

The beauty of ambrosia maple is further enhanced by the wood's rich, dark color, which ranges from light to dark brown. This color, combined with the wood's natural luster, gives ambrosia maple a warm and inviting appearance that is perfect for a variety of woodworking projects.

Overall, ambrosia maple is a beautiful and unique wood that is perfect for a variety of woodworking applications. Its distinctive ambrosia marks, natural grain patterns, and rich color make it a highly sought-after material for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and other projects where appearance is important.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Lamb

All five were absolutely stunning in appearance!

Kent M
Very Pretty

This wood is very pretty and the grain is awesome on these! I have built many charcuterie boards and when oiled they are just beautiful! I highly recommend these for your wood working.

Nathan Hamilton
Great for live edge charcuterie boards

Live edge product great for live edge charcuterie boards

david wright

Quick delivery and great product. Can't wait to use these


Great pieces and great seller to work with!

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